My services

Can I help you communicate in Portuguese?

I offer content marketing services – Inbound marketing – to companies that need to communicate in Portuguese.

Writing, translation, and adaptation of content for websites, blogs, posts for social networks, email marketing, newsletters, interviews, landing pages, videos, podcasts, lead magnets, and info products.

Creation of messages for sales and advertising content.

Organic diffusion of the content conforming with the target profiles and media consumption habits. Monitoring and optimization of publications according to their performance.

Create content in keeping with the consumer’s level of awareness and the stage in the purchasing process and the marketing goal: attract the target audience, instigate interaction, convert into sales and build customer loyalty.

Assessment of the main communication channels of the brand and of the competitors. Identification of strengths, weaknesses and trends in order to understand the communications strategies of the several sector players.

  • I have knowledge of digital marketing and SEO strategies.
  • I write content according to the profile and needs of my clients.
  • I use keywords for each brand, which improves the SEO positioning of the website.
  • I generate opportunities for brands to reach their target audience, boost their website and attract loyal and quality customers.
  • I can complement the content with audiovisual resources, enriching communication and making it more attractive.
  • I create exclusive, original content.
  • You own the content and use it when you want.
  • You only invest in the content that you need and that best guides your audience in deciding.

Communicate. Convert. Sell in Portuguese.