Who I am

My name is Maria Cardoso. I am Portuguese and I have lived in Madrid since 2007.

I have a Bachelor of Communication Sciences. In addition, I have improved my knowledge by completing programs in marketing, event organisation, institutional protocol, and digital writing as well as received specialised training at Crearte Events.

I have more than 20 years professional experience in the field of media and communication. I worked in Omd Portugal and Telefónica.

I am devoted to being a writer in my native language. My professional experience and my search for independence in my field led me to create my own project “Maria Comunica”. Currently, I dedicate myself to what I am passionate about. I am a copywriter and I also translate other languages into Portuguese to promote connections and business. I use digital resources to bring visibility and generate interaction in the digital media.

My mission is to help companies with international projects to create dynamic content in Portuguese. I want to make a bridge between Portugal and other countries, facilitating the communication and knowledge of the local culture.

My specialisation is knowing and understanding the social and cultural context of the two countries. I am able to translate and convey ideas and information in a natural fluid manner. I integrate my tongue mother with my knowledge and experience. I am a digital copywriter.

I foster an emotionally close, and deep between brands and their customers. I create valuable, careful, and credible content. I communicate honestly and responsibly in the digital environment.


Although I live in Madrid, in the center of the peninsula, distance has no meaning in today's world. Communication keeps us close.

What people say about me

Communicate. Convert. Sell in Portuguese.